“Travel Introspection”


Golden sunrise on my flight home from Asia


I have been fortunate enough to travel, work and study on four different continents of our gorgeous planet! I naturally took many photos throughout my journey, and kept a very brief travel journal of limited words to describe each location, feeling and moment along the way.

I became more AWARE of how I associated different words with different moments as a natural consequence or culmination of every life experience I’d had up until that point. However, this isn’t always the case, sometimes it is purely random, pretty much the first word that comes to mind. Other times it is a bit more strategic.

When I shared my ‘introspection photography’ with others, I started noticing how friends and family were inclined to suggest other words based on what my images made THEM feel.  This surprisingly sparked a series of debates and got people thinking  about WHY they are naturally inclined to choose certain words over others. It became a wonderful medium that facilitated INTROSPECTION, the process of examining your own thoughts or feelings.

I have since decided to publish my work and open up the dialogue to one-word descriptions of what the images make YOU feel!

P.S. Every single one of these photos were taken by me and have tremendous sentimental value 🙂