treat yourself to intentional choices

I’ve purposely avoided giving myself any rules or resolutions for 2018, since like most humans, I am notoriously terrible at following them for extended periods of time.

Instead, I have directed my attention towards what I would refer to as ‘best practices’ from the times I felt like the I was optimal version of ME in some regard.

This includes the various moments in life when I felt most content, most independant and most productive.

So, for the past 72 hours of 2018’s existence, my approach has been to focus less on drastic changes, rules and resolutions that come with the new year, and more on giving myself the flexibility and freedom to choose how to reintroduce elements from these ‘optimal ME – best practices’.

Ahh… freedom!

I intentionally gave myself the freedom to choose :

how I stimulate my mind and with what

how I activate and appreciate my body

how I prioritise my work

how I interact with the external and internal world

what I want to eat and when

I also gave myself the freedom to consciously choose:

when I want to make a routine or break one

when I want to change my mind

when I need to zone out

when I want to stop or start doing something

And, perhaps most importantly, I have given myself the freedom to choose:

how to treat others in a way that reflects how I would like to be treated  – without actually expecting them to do so in return (expectation management 101).

I ‘gifted’ myself with the freedom of choice to always be 100% my authentic self, in spite of the reaction or, lack of reaction that it may bring from those around me.

This one small ‘umbrella’ change has been incredibly liberating and has already given me more satisfaction than any fleeting New Year’s resolution has ever given me in the past.

Instead of fear of rejection, fear of messing up, fear of external perceptions that are frankly all out of my control…

… I have given myself the freedom to choose what is entirely within my control – which is the freedom to simply be Tarryn (whatever that may mean) for the next 365 days of this year.

Bring on guilt-free “freedom of intentional choice” 2018!


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