to be human

I currently find myself really appreciating the uniqueness of the humans I have come across in this life. However, while I love being around many dynamic people in big groups- especially while exploring new places, what I actually prefer and thrive on, are the deeply moving one-on-one’s that yield as much about someone else as it does about yourself. 

Every so often you’re lucky enough to have one of those really vulnerable, authentic conversations about being human without it explicitly being said at any point.

I recently experienced this kind of energy exchange and it brought up some key take-aways that span over differences in culture, ethnicity, religion, background, colour, age and gender. 

It covers just some of the things we encounter on this rollercoaster ride of human existence and it’s a good reminder that it is okay to be any of these at any moment in time, because we all have been there and back and perhaps there again at some point.

The trick, which is as always easier said then done- is awareness of your current state and giving yourself the space to make the appropriate changes if you decide it’s not a state you want ‘to be’ in for this time in your life.

… to be human

to be vulnerable

to be wrong

to be straightforward

to be open

to be going

to be settling

to be aware

to be rejected

to be honest 

to be the chicken

to be the egg

to be happy

to be a work in progress – “slow progress is better than no progress”… “forward is forward and up is up”

to be successful 

to be unaware

to not be for everyone – “I’m not like everyone and I’m not for everyone”

to be struggling 

to be self expressive in word/touch/visual/ paper/digital/perceiving/giving

to be alone- you must want to spend the rest of your life with yourself (first)

to be authentic – don’t try and fool yourself, you’ll always know

to be confused

to be trying

to be taking steps forward and backwards (do the shuffle) 

to be different 

to be bouncing back

to be (safely) experimenting, learning and iterating

to be assertive

to be taking risks 

to be down low

to be unsure 

to be overly optimistic 

to be planning

to be up high

to be mistaken 

to be spiritual 

to be other

to be incomplete

to be humble

….to be human
and I’m sure that there are many more to-be’s out there so this list is sure to grow.


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