Pause, refresh, go…

SAM_0900 (2)
Knackered medieval gargoyles, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris.

My oh my, what a suitable prompt for a Friday afternoon! After having more than usual on my plate lately, Knackered is actually one of the more eloquent ways to describe how I currently feel both mentally and physically.

After your brain and body have been on high alert for extended periods of time, your system often makes it very clear that you need to hit pause. However, it’s so easy to fall into a slump once you’ve reached this point.

In order to avoid the slump, as well as maintain momentum and productivity levels, I hardly ever ‘switch-off’ completely. Instead, I simply tone down my levels of ‘alertness’ and trade in complex, busy tasks for slow leisurely walks surrounded by nature.

Beach and forest walks tend to do the trick as there is no intended outcome or set task to accomplish, yet both my mind and body benefit from these low levels of activity. But, even when there’s no beautiful view to behold, a simple walk to the grocery store can serve as a reset button.

To be honest, it is still always a struggle to leave the bed and go for a walk, but the end result is worth it 100% of the time, as it turns my knackered system into a much happier one.



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