Underground musings

Traversing the Catacombs

Examining bullet-like holes to the cranium.

Last year October (almost exactly a year ago!) I had the pleasure of travelling to Paris with a friend, who has since become my boyfriend. Classic, thanks Paris!

I had 2 semesters of archaeology under my belt and simply loved creepy things. Most of my experience lies with South African cave paintings and ancient tools so I could not wait to see what Europe had to offer!

He majored in psychology, and has a thing for history, especially civil war-related tales. He simply couldn’t help but be intrigued by a ‘girly girl’ who also enjoyed being underground surrounded with millions of human remains.

We spent a few hours in the dark, damp limestone setting of the catacombs, discussing possible causes of death and examining multiple cranium fractures as I flexed my limited range of archaeological terms and skills. It was a really unique bonding experience as we re-imagined the lives and characters of those who had been buried in this underworld network of tunnels and caves. In fact, I’d say our time spent traversing the Parisian underground was equally as thrilling as ascending the Eiffel Tower. I’m also pretty sure we were the very last ones to leave that brilliantly creepy underground ossuary !

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